------------------------------------ SAMPLE PROJECTS ------------------------------------
Yale University
University of Pennsylvania
University of California

Stanford University
Harvard University

Northwestern University
New York University
University of Western Ontario

Georgia Tech Research Institute
University of Oklahoma
University of Oxford

University of Minnesota
University of California
University of Colorado

Yale University
University of Michigan
Tufts University
University of Graz

University of Southern California
Columbia University
Brown University

University of Nebraska Lincoln
Rutgers University
University of Chicago
University of Texas
University of Delaware
Ryerson University
McMaster University
Ohio State University
Cornell University
Rice University
Duke University
Carnegie Mellon University

------------------------------------ MANAGEMENT TEAM ------------------------------------
Jonathan Ezer
Jonathan holds a PhD from the London School of Economics. He's passionate about intellectual ideas, and has 10 years of management consulting experience. 
Daniel Meretzky
Design Lead
Dan holds degrees in computer science and business management. He is part designer, part developer, and is passionate about visualizing information.
Francis Cornut
Concept Designer
Francis holds a PhD from the London School of Economics.  He brings 15 years of marketing and strategic management expertise. 
Dionysios Demetis
Concept Designer
Dionysios holds a PhD from the London School of Economics. He has a passion for systems theory, and knowledge discovery.   

------------------------------------------ CONTACT ------------------------------------------

70 Little West St. Suite #31E. New York, NY 10004

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